Programmable Controllers: An enhancement course with heavy class participation. Programmable logic, controllers vs. computers; contacts, timers & counters; sequencers & registers; edit/program functions, types of PLC and programming, installation & troubleshooting, industrial program applications. 24-40 hours.

Basic Control Systems: Designed for electricians & technicians involved in maintenance & operation's of moveable bridges, dams. Covers control system principles, switches, relays, contactors/starters, metering devices, preventative maintenance.

Industrial Control, Logic, and Power Training: This is a skills based training program designed to be training or refresher for electricians, mechanics, and any other personnel charged with troubleshooting, upkeep, and maintenance of complex and expensive electrical systems. Normal class duration is 5 days.

Process Instrumentation: Enhancement of technical expertise, with heavy class participation for equipment operation and maintenance. Pneumatic principles, calibration, transducers & transmitters, signal conditioning; actuators, positioners & control valves. Controllers/tuning. Interactive loops-boilers, distillation. 24-40 hours.

Basic Electronics: For those familiar with electric principles & algebra. Review of electric principles & circuits; integrators & differentiators, diode clip, clamp & rectifier circuits, converters, transistors, switching & amplification. Digital electronics & number systems, meters & oscilloscopes. Knowledge & use of test equipment. 40 hours

Advanced Electronics: Attendee must have basic electric knowledge. Review of digital circuitry, gates & flip-flops. Counters, registers & decision circuits; analog circuitry, integrated circuits, computers. Processors, ports, software, data bus & shared bus, ASCII, parity, memory, more. Client specific circuitry.