2014 National Electrical Code: Highly customized course covering customer-specific needs, plus NEC publication history, contents, code making panels and document usage. Equipment spacing, raceway & conductor sizing, grounding. Safety stressed throughout.

National Electrical SafetyCode: A one-day program highlighting the N.E.S.C., with reference to NEC and O.S.H.A. Covers clothing, shock, clearances, HVDC electrodes, flammable pipelines, signage, much more.

2014 Electrical Code Changes: The 150-225 changes with the most technical merit are all that can be reasonably presented for discussion and review in one day. Covered will be changes, such as definitions that have been revised, or relocated and new topics, general wiring conditions affecting arc flash requirements, etc.

Current NFPA 70E: During this lecture and discussion (with question & answer periods) format , participants will gain an understanding of the history, use and application of NFPA 70E as it applies to selected industrial machinery.

Revised O.S.H.A. Standard 1910 Subpart "S" and 1910.147 effective August 2007: This course is intended to familiarize the participants with these regulations and address the safety regulations covering employees working in industrial applications which are not an electric power generation, transmission, or distribution installation, or a commingled installation. It also applies to employees who are working in the aforementioned installations, but who are not "qualified" as defined in 1910.269 (x). O.S.H.A. Standard 1910 Sub Part S is changing. This becomes effective August 01, 2007 These are the first changes in 25 years and we are ready to help you with the new revisions.

O.S.H.A. Standard 29 C.F.R.: Electric Power, generation, transmission & distribution. O.S.H.A. Standards. For recordkeeping, reporting, inspections, citations, appeals. Part 1910.269- actual safety procedures and hazards in the workplace. Training requirements, certification & documentation. 8 hours.