Lubrication: Reduce down time & repair costs; increase equipment life. ISO Standards, record keeping, theory, lubricants, viscosity & lubricant characteristics, bearings & chains, central systems & lube guns, preventative maintenance, safety procedures. 32 hours

Compressors: Operate, inspect & maintain reciprocating & rotary compressors; theory, accessories, safety including O.S.H.A.), understanding blueprints, lubrication, filters, intercoolers & after coolers, valves, dryers, drives & belts, receivers, gauges, internals. Troubleshooting. 16-40 hours.

Basic Mechanics: Designed to educate about material handling systems. Precision instruments, shafting, bearings & seals, leveling & alignment (couplings, sheaves, sprockets, motors, machines), power transmission drives, basic machinist practices. Minimum 16 hrs.

Mechanical Seal/Packing Certification Program: This is a comprehensive program that will enhance both the attendees knowledge and capabilities in the mechanical seal/packing requirements of their equipment.

Basic/Advanced Pneumatics: Reciprocating & screw compressors, horsepower, receivers, dryers, filters & lubricators, regulators & relief valves, control valves, conductors & sizes, schematics & troubleshooting. 16-40 Hrs.

High Pressure Air Systems: Upgrade training for inspection & maintenance of 100+ p.s.i. systems. Principles, print reading, isolation, maintenance & inspection, lubrication, filters, cooling, valves, dryers, receivers, switches, dew point, internals, safety. 40-80 Hrs.

Vibration Analysis & In-Place Balancing: Unbalance, misalignment, bearings, oil whirl & whip, loose/rubbing parts, critical speeds, resonance & sympathetic vibration, electrically induced vibration, rotor dissymmetry. 24 hours.