Basic Thermography: This course is directed to those who feel that thermography would or could be beneficial to them, but to date have never had the opportunity to obtain first-hand experience or information. See full course outline

Predictive Maintenance: Designed to reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability. Vibration measurement & analysis, baseline conditions, monitoring, balancing rotating machinery, infrared thermography. Min 24 hours.

Scaffolding: Assembly. Inspection,& Safety: The overall all objective of this program is to provide the attendees with the appropriate amount of knowledge and skills that will be needed when working with scaffolds.

Operator Maintenance Training: The purpose of this program is to help develop meaningful communication between operators and maintenance to validate an operator's analysis of possible mechanical problems.

Welding & Metallurgy: Customized to needs, existing skills. Can include Level C, B, A Classification- Oxy-fuel cutting, gas & braze welding, blueprint reading, math, material handling, codes, standards & spec's. Welding Metallurgy 1,2,3. Carbon arc gouging, QC & inspection. Various materials, fusion. Client specific instruction.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): This program can cover any or all of the following: Inspections, Installations, Troubleshooting and Repair of tanks, and systems. It will also include explanations, demonstrations of procedures, and techniques which will enable program participants to work with natural gas. (CNG)

Rigging: Enhance the expertise of those associated with rigging. Safety stressed. Fiber & wire rope, chains, slings, rigging hardware. Rigging responsibilities and precautions. Determining load weight, center of gravity. Signaling. Heavy class participation. 8-16 hrs.

Crane Operation Qualification- Overhead Electric Cranes: Local/client input required to format instruction. O.S.H.A. training compliance. Course stresses responsibility and safety. Identify possible equipment defects, total equipment familiarization, safe entry & exit, emergency escape procedures, hand signals. Time dependent on attendees, number of different cranes. Trainer training available. "Basic Rigging" course recommended.

Fall Protection: Safety course designed to assure proper use of clients systems & equipment. Selection, installation & inspection of fall arresting & restraint systems & equipment. Travel restriction, anchorages, rails, safety blocks, nets, belts, etc. Individual hands-on training and testing throughout. 8 hours (6-8 attendees maximum)

Train the Trainer for Industrial Forklift: The purpose of the Train the Trainer workshop is to provide an overview of the basic knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a classroom trainer whose goals and objectives include attention to O.S.H.A./ANSI regulations and guidelines.

Pipe Fabrication This Course is Designed to cover a wide range of topics that can be expanded or contracted to meet the customers specific needs. Some of the topics covered are : Pipe, Fittings, Hangers, Blue print reading, ISO metric sketching, Template development, Oxy-Fuel cutting, Soldering, Brazing theory, Arc-welding theory, Threading machine assignment with hydraulic test, Hands-on set up of equipment and welding, Pipe layout with prepared templates made in class, Rigging with demo of safety equipment, Etc.