Safety and Personal Protection Safety Measures: This outline covers a range of topics that are contracted upon, as well as individual topics that are focused on to specifically meet O.S.H.A. Standards and the NFPA 70E.

Safe Work Practices: This covers a range of topics that can be expanded or contracted upon, as well as individual topics that can be focused on specifically to meet O.S.H.A. Standards and the customer's needs. The instructor will customize the content accordingly.

National Electrical Code: Highly customized course covering customer-specific needs, plus NEC publication history, contents, code making panels and document usage. Equipment spacing, raceway & conductor sizing, grounding. Safety stressed throughout.

Rigging: Enhance the expertise of those associated with rigging. Safety stressed. Fiber & wire rope, chains, slings, rigging hardware. Rigging responsibilities and precautions. Determining load weight, center of gravity. Signaling. Heavy class participation. 8-16 hrs.

Fall Protection: Safety course designed to assure proper use of clients systems & equipment. Selection, installation & inspection of fall arresting & restraint systems & equipment. Travel restriction, anchorages, rails, safety blocks, nets, belts, etc. Individual hands-on training and testing throughout. 8 hours (6-8 attendees maximum)

Tire Service / Repair & OSHA Tire Standards : the purpose of this program is to insure all employees required to service and maintain tires receive standardized training prior to attempting to service or repair any tire. Due to the various types of wheels and tires in the industry, this program will address those types of commercial and non-commercial tires and wheels regulated under federal guidelines.

Aerial Equipment Inspection: This course is designed to enhance the technical expertise of maintenance personnel, technicians, operators, and others who are tasked or associated with aerial equipment inspection.

Crane Operation Qualification: Local/client input required to format instruction. O.S.H.A. training compliance. Course stresses responsibility and safety. Identify possible equipment defects, total equipment familiarization, safe entry & exit, emergency escape procedures, hand signals. Time dependent on attendees, number of different cranes. Trainer training available. "Basic Rigging" course recommended.